Friday, September 25, 2009

Henna Mehndi Designs for Brides

Henna Designs for Brides

Have you noticed that in quite a number of Muslim cultures, Muslim brides will decorate their hands and feet with henna designs for their weddings? It is commonplace in from Muslim cultures in South-East Asia to South Asia and the Arab countries.

Muslim women will decorate their hands and feet for their weddings with elaborate and intricate henna designs. For today's article, we feature beautiful henna hand and feet designs. These exquisite henna designs are appropriate for the bride, and for those wanting to celebrate special occasions such as on Eid.

The application of the henna can take anyway from one to five hours depending on the type of designs being applied. The more elaborate and intricate the designs, the longer it takes for the henna artist to apply the bridal henna designs.

It is also commonplace for the henna mehndi ceremony to be held a day before the wedding. Female relatives and close friends are invited to the henna mehndi ceremony. Typically, a henna artist will focus on the bride, while her assistant will do simpler designs for some of the female guests.

Please take a look at some of the more beautiful henna designs that we found recently. Hopefully the picture of henna designs will inspire you to decide on a beautiful design for yourself.

Pictures of Wedding Henna Mehendi Designs
Exquisite Pictures of Bridal Henna Mehndi Designs that are
Trendy, Modern and Hot!

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